NATO’s global peace is unraveling and we can’t see it

By Robert Kagan Human beings often choose self-delusion over painful reality, and so in the days and weeks to come, we will hear reassurances that the NATO alliance is in good shape. After all, there have been spats in the past—over the Suez crisis in 1956, Vietnam in the 1960s and ’70s, missile deployment in the Reagan years and, of … [Read more…]

E-Commerce Platforms Get Hit With Lightning-Fast Bitcoin Payments for Businesses

Payment platform Strike has launched an API for Lightning micro-payments, allowing businesses to receive aggregated Bitcoin transactions through a WooCommerce plugin developed by ACINQ. Transactions are made via the Lightning Network, a scalability solution for instant payments that is built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. The WooCommerce plugin can be set up for Lightning payments on … [Read more…]

160 Teams Are Competing to Create NEO’s Killer App

160 teams are going head-to-head in a friendly competition to see who can create the most impressive app on the NEO blockchain. The four-month-long game development competition is designed to see which team can create the most effective and engaging game with worldwide appeal. The first NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition is in full swing! … [Read more…]

Weekly Game Plan 16 Jul 18

There wasn’t any market moving news on the weekend, and with the FIFA World Cup final today (Sunday) there shouldn’t be much focus on anything else until the week starts.   Themes for the Week: US/China Trade Wars are always on trader’s minds although participants have recently shown some resilience towards trade jitters. This may have … [Read more…]

Korea’s Largest Crypto Exchange is Moving to Japan, Outrage From Investors

Bithumb, the largest crypto exchange in South Korea by trading volume and user base, is expanding to Japan– the biggest market for cryptocurrency investors, despite the controversy surrounding its recent security breach. Is Expansion the Right Decision? In June 2018, CryptoSlate reported that Bithumb was hacked for $31.5 million through a breach in which local … [Read more…]

Billionaire Investor Steven Cohen Joins Crypto Hedge Fund

Billionaire hedge fund manager Steven Cohen has joined the ranks of financial juggernauts participating in the cryptocurrency feeding frenzy, announcing an investment in a new hedge fund focused on cryptocurrency investment and blockchain startup equity. Cohen, who ranks as 8 on the Forbes 400 Self-Made Score and currently oversees Point72 Asset Management, a $12 billion … [Read more…]

Ethereum Network Under Assault: Gas Price Manipulation May Indicate Covert EOS Attack

The Ethereum network is currently under heavy load as gas prices soar due to a flood of transactions. While Ethereum gas prices and transaction load typically fluctuates in accordance with market activity, a dramatic surge in suspicious transaction volume suggests that the Ethereum Network may be the target of a coordinated attack — with experts … [Read more…]

Korea Blockchain Weeks Seek to Solve Some of Crypto’s Most Pressing Problems

South Korea has always played a crucial role in crypto development and proliferation. As one of the most technologically connected societies in the world, South Korea is ideally positioned to participate in the burgeoning crypto movement. In fact, despite a relatively small population, South Korea only falls behind Japan and the U.S., two countries with … [Read more…]

Bank of Thailand Considers Blockchain for Economy Expansion

On July 12th, 2018, governor of the Bank of Thailand, Dr. Veerathai Santiprabhob, alluded to the use of blockchain technology as part of a national effort to further Thailand’s economic potential during his speech at the Bloomberg ASEAN Business Summit. In the speech, Santiprabhob laid out the responsibility of the Bank of Thailand as being: “the … [Read more…]