Researchers are creating a comms system to help prevent terrorist attacks

The Telecommunications, Software and Systems Group (TSSG) at Waterford Institute of Technology has been awarded a major role in a €3m secure truck navigation project called TransSec. A carefully curated selection of expert teams across Europe are working together with a leading truck manufacturer to develop a new kind of truck, fitted with impregnable road … [Read more…]

If North Korea denuclearizes, what happens to the U.S.-Korea alliance? Experts discuss

By Ian Livingston Amid ongoing discussions about the potential for North Korean denuclearization, the alliance between the United States and South Korea may soon face fundamental questions. As experts outlined at a Brookings event on August 22, even if a major breakthrough with Pyongyang is unlikely, the Singapore Summit and related events have at least … [Read more…]

“Two halves of the same walnut”: The politics of New START extension and strategic nuclear modernization

By Frank A. Rose Over the past several months, experts—including myself—have called on the Trump administration to extend the U.S.-Russia New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START). Extending the treaty by five years, as the agreement allows, helps maintain predictability and strategic stability with Russia, among other benefits. However, many of those same experts have … [Read more…]

Turkey might not like the West, but needs it

By Kemal Kirişci When President Trump sanctioned two Turkish ministers—an unprecedented measure involving a NATO ally—and announced the doubling of trade tariffs early in August, he further aggravated the steadily deteriorating U.S.-Turkish relationship. The moves came after the Turkish government refused to allow Pastor Andrew Brunson, who is facing spurious espionage and terrorism charges, to … [Read more…]

Hutchins Roundup: Monetary policy response to labor market slack, online competition, and more

By Finn Schuele, Louise Sheiner Studies in this week’s Hutchins Roundup find that monetary policymakers should take account of both inflation and labor market slack, even if slack may be mismeasured online competition increases the frequency and uniformity of price changes at brick-and-mortar retailers, and more. Want to receive the Hutchins Roundup as an email? … [Read more…]