Keywords Studios snaps up UK game development company for £26m

After reporting stellar earnings only a few weeks ago, Dublin-headquartered games services firm Keywords Studios has made another major acquisition. The latest deal is the eighth transaction for the company in 2018, marking a very busy year. Keywords has acquired Studio Gobo and Electric Square (Gobo, collectively) for a total consideration of up to £26m (€29m). … [Read more…]

Lambert & Sykuta Comment to FTC on Common Ownership

The Federal Trade Commission will soon hold hearings on Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century.  The topics to be considered include: The state of antitrust and consumer protection law and enforcement, and their development, since the [1995] Pitofsky hearings; Competition and consumer protection issues in communication, information and media technology networks; The identification … [Read more…]

Sen. Warren’s Corporate Capitalism Act rightfully challenges a central tenet of corporate governance theory

By Aaron Klein By introducing the Accountable Capitalism Act, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) builds a progressive agenda from what had been a conservative judicial argument that corporations are analogous to people for applications of various legal standards. When people make decisions, they do not just selfishly maximize their own value: they consider the ramifications of … [Read more…]

Four strategies to deliver on a smart city vision in 2018

By Adie Tomer, Lara Fishbane Almost five years ago, amidst the initial hype of the technology-driven “smart city,” we published a report urging cities to take a step back. While talking to the early digital pioneers within city government, these leaders expressed to us that technological development was happening faster than their agencies could keep … [Read more…]

Want Crypto? Watch Movie Trailers

Starting tomorrow, movie buffs can earn crypto from their couch by watching trailers online. Independent film distribution company Demand Film will pay movie buffs in crypto for watching trailers and promoting new releases. The business model is designed to help filmmakers create a buzz around their independently financed films while rewarding movie fans for promoting … [Read more…]