SFI VistaMilk research centre aims to be ‘cream of the crop’ for global agritech

The thought of Ireland as a major dairy producer usually elicits images of age-old, traditional methods of production, but Science Foundation Ireland’s (SFI) latest agritech research centre aims to completely change that. The VistaMilk centre is now Ireland’s largest agritech centre, covering the entire dairy production chain. It is hosted by Teagasc Moorepark in partnership … [Read more…]

How can AI help 3D-print human body parts?

Well-known Belfast start-up Axial3D produces 3D prints of body parts. This isn’t to satisfy the narcissistic social media types – it has important surgical implications. This previous TechWatch article describes the company’s process. Now, Axial3D is developing new AI techniques to make instantaneous the transition from 2D images to 3D prints. How is it doing that? CTO Niall Haslam … [Read more…]

Applying harm reduction to smoking

Carrie Wade, Ph.D., MPH is the Director of Harm Reduction Policy and Senior Fellow at the R Street Institute. Abstinence approaches work exceedingly well on an individual level but continue to fail when applied to populations. We can see this in several areas: teen pregnancy; continued drug use regardless of severe criminal penalties; and high smoking … [Read more…]

Did Banks Subject to LCR Reduce Liquidity Creation?

Daniel Roberts, Asani Sarkar, and Or Shachar Banks traditionally provide loans that are funded mostly by deposits and thereby create liquidity, which benefits the economy. However, since the loans are typically long-term and illiquid, whereas the deposits are short-term and liquid, this creation of liquidity entails risk for the bank because of the possibility that depositors … [Read more…]

An economic agenda for the forgotten Americans in a divided nation

By Brennan Hoban Widening inequality and the loss of jobs to trade and technology have left many American workers feeling disenfranchised and skeptical of government and corporations alike. These economic shifts are changing what it means—and feels like—to be middle class in America. Brookings Senior Fellow Isabel Sawhill focused on the group dubbed the “forgotten … [Read more…]

How Brexit will remake the United Kingdom

By Amanda Sloat THE ISSUE: In June 2016, voters in the United Kingdom narrowly chose to leave the European Union. The U.K. has since been negotiating with the EU over the withdrawal agreement and the shape of the future relationship. At the same time, Brexit has renewed debates within the U.K. about identity devolution arrangements … [Read more…]