Last week, the UK Court of Appeal upheld the findings of the High Court in an important case regarding standard essential patents (SEPs). Of particular significance, the Court of Appeal upheld the finding that the defendant, an implementer of SEPs, could have the sale of its products enjoined in the UK unless it enters into … [Read more…]

The truth about video-on-demand advertising

The current conversation in the advertising world could lead you to believe that although digital platforms have hit a speed bump, they are still kingpin when it comes to where people spend their leisure time. Nothing could be further from the truth. If we focus specifically on the medium of video, 90pc of brands’ advertising … [Read more…]

FoodCloud aims to double impact over three years following funding injection

FoodCloud has secured significant investment from AIB, with part-matched Government funding through Social Innovation Fund Ireland (SIFI). Over the next three years, AIB has committed to investing €500,000 per annum in the company. This will be supplemented by supports, both financial and non-financial, to the value of €330,000 per annum from SIFI’s new Growth Fund, … [Read more…]

Even the perceived threat of a primary alters behavior in Congress

By Molly E Reynolds In 2018, only four House members lost primary elections, two Democrats and two Republicans. Successful primary challenges are rare events, yet members of Congress consistently articulate fears that they will lose their quest for re-nomination to fellow party members. In a new paper, entitled “Anticipating Trouble: Congressional Primaries and Incumbent Behavior,” … [Read more…]

The Heartland is central to the midterms and the future of the US

By Robert Maxim, Mark Muro Last month the Metropolitan Policy Program partnered with the Walton Family Foundation (WFF) to release The State of the Heartland: Factbook 2018, a by-the-numbers look at economic and social conditions in the interior U.S. Using the WFF’s definition of the region, we looked at trends in 19 diverse Heartland states … [Read more…]

Climate confusion: Content and strategies, not controversy, are the biggest challenges for science teachers

By David Devraj Kumar, Michael Hansen Earlier this month, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a new report describing the new risks the world will likely face by 2040 if governments fail to make significant progress on climate change. Yet, the likelihood of dramatically cutting greenhouse emissions in the U.S. is stymied by political … [Read more…]