ESA and Irish start-up blast space AI chip with intense radiation

There was a distinct Irish presence in Europe’s progress in spacetech recently following a project led by the European Space Agency (ESA) to test Intel’s new Myriad 2 artificial intelligence (AI) chip, developed with Irish expertise. The chip uses AI for high-performance, low-power vision processing and can be pre-trained with data to recognise particular features … [Read more…]

Project managers warn organisations are not prepared for Brexit

Almost two-thirds (61pc) of project and change managers in Ireland warn their organisations are not fully prepared for Brexit, new research from PwC reveals. It is also understood that fewer than one in four organisations have had project management/change management functions involved in developing their organisational Brexit strategy. ‘The study highlights some room for improvement … [Read more…]

Breaking Down TRACE Volumes Further

Doug Brain, Michiel De Pooter, Dobrislav Dobrev, Michael Fleming, Peter Johansson, Frank Keane, Michael Puglia, Tony Rodrigues, and Or Shachar Following an earlier joint FEDS Note and Liberty Street Economics blog post that examined aggregate trading volume in the Treasury cash market across venues, this post looks at volume across security type, seasoned-ness (time since issuance), … [Read more…]

How the U.S. military became the exception to America’s wage stagnation problem

By Brendan R. Stickles Earlier this week, Brookings scholar Richard Reeves published an enlightening analysis of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) data on income inequality. His piece, “Restoring middle class incomes; redistribution won’t do,” described what frustrated Americans have felt for years: Since 1979, the wealthiest Americans experienced the most significant income gains. Counterintuitively, Reeves … [Read more…]

Democrats have the House, now they need an economic agenda that gives Americans better-paying jobs

By Isabel V. Sawhill Democrats have re-taken the House, and already we’re hearing calls for investigations and greater accountability. These are fraught political times, to be sure, and I join others in demanding answers. But to the new members of the House prioritizing their long to-do lists, I’d like to offer some caution: If serving … [Read more…]

Highlights: The new dynamics of global energy and climate

By Fred Dews In the lead-up to the COP24 climate talks in Poland and in the wake of a major new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Brookings hosted Rachel Kyte, CEO of Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) on November 19. She is also the special representative of the U.N. secretary-general for Sustainable … [Read more…]