Are workplace dress codes still important?

While dress codes may have relaxed in recent years, there are still plenty of companies who have them at many different levels, and they could could be impacting you more than you realise. After all, if you work at a company that has a dress code, it doesn’t matter how relaxed the rest of the … [Read more…]

Marriott data breach linked to Chinese intelligence-gathering

At the tail end of November, Marriott International announced that its Starwood reservation database had been interfered with, potentially affecting the personal data of a whopping 500m customers. Now, The New York Times has reported that the cyberattack was part of a Chinese intelligence-gathering operation, which also targeted security clearance files of millions of American citizens, as well … [Read more…]

Vodafone Ireland announces rural home broadband network trial

Fresh from the announcement of its recent 5G trial site in Dublin’s docklands, Vodafone Ireland today (12 December) unveiled details of a new wireless home broadband trial for rural Ireland. According to the company, the trial aims to explore the possibility of operating a dedicated rural wireless network, where customers are connected to the internet … [Read more…]

What traits do you need to work at medtech giant BD?

Medtech is a thriving industry in Ireland and a great sector to build a strong career in. According to the Irish Medtech Association, the medtech sector employs more than 38,000 people in Ireland and is the second largest employer of medtech professionals in Europe. Ireland is also home to some major players within the sector, including … [Read more…]

Economies of scale in homeless camp cleanups with some fishy results

“Our City has become a cesspool,” according Portland police union president, Daryl Turner. He was describing efforts to address the city’s large and growing homelessness crisis. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler defended the city’s approach, noting that every major city, “all the way up and down the west coast, in the Midwest, on the East Coast, … [Read more…]

The Global Compact on Migration: Dead on arrival?

By Lex Rieffel At a conference in Marrakech, Morocco this week, 164 of the 193 members of the United Nations adopted the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration. Negotiations to create the ambitious agreement began two years ago, but the Trump Administration withdrew at the end of 2017, declaring that the Compact would … [Read more…]

The FTC should match tech company innovation with oversight innovation

By Tom Wheeler The November 27 Senate hearing on the activities of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) highlighted the shortcomings of applying industrial-era thinking to internet-era challenges. It is a situation exacerbated by the Trump Administration’s bias of companies over consumers. The new digital reality calls for both expansive regulatory oversight as well as legislative … [Read more…]

Minneapolis 2040: The most wonderful plan of the year

By Jenny Schuetz Perhaps proximity to the North Pole has its advantages. On December 7, Santa Claus (a.k.a. the Minneapolis City Council) delivered an early holiday gift to Twin Cities urbanists: several key zoning reforms, neatly packaged in an 1100-page comprehensive plan. YIMBYs around the country have been following the pitched battle over the plan’s … [Read more…]