CloseCross raises $3m to digitally disrupt derivatives

London decentralised derivatives trading platform CloseCross has raised $3m in a funding round led by Houston-based Amnis Ventures. CloseCross is committed to a disruption of the current financial derivatives market by deploying patented multiparty settlement mechanisms and proprietary algorithms. ‘The vast majority of people are prevented from participating in the global derivatives trading market through … [Read more…]

The urgency of securing employment for youth in Africa

By Lindsay Wallace At the Mastercard Foundation, we believe youth employment in Africa is the issue of our time. For every four young people entering the labor market, only one formal sector job is being created, leaving a large fraction, over 3 million, scrambling to find employment opportunities. Our research has shown what a challenge … [Read more…]

Token Curated Registries (TCRs): Introduction to a Popular Crypto-Economic Primitive

Introduction to Token Curated Registries The key characteristic of modern economy is high efficiency of productive forces in conjunction with high level of availability of capital goods. This is especially relevant for some industries (IT, digital content creation). This fact leads to supply becoming persistently higher than demand in most of the known consumer markets. … [Read more…]