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Anyoption Review

To write a review about Anyoption means to thoroughly familiarize oneself with the functions of one of the biggest platforms for trading binary options, which has been operating since 2008 and brings together hundreds of thousands of investors from around the world. So the question remains; what do you need to know about this broker if you wish to join its large group of users?

The company, Anyoption, is certainly the undisputed leader in the market of binary options. It offers its services across more than 140 countries worldwide. It has an impeccable reputation and provides an individual approach to customers.

Before proceeding to a detailed review, we will start by informing you about some of the benefits of using Anyoption from a trader’s point of view, namely, the profitability of options which ranges from 65 to 71%, a reasonable minimum of deposit of just $200, and the ease of use of the platform’s functions.

Account types

One of the more unusual things as a broker is the lack of different account types. Generally companies offer between three and seven different sets of registration conditions that differ in the size an initial installment, the amount and percentage of bonuses and the range of opportunities that are available to the user or those which remain inaccessible. Thus, the trader has a choice: to be a modest trading participant with a minimum set of bonuses and not invest large sums of money or become one of the broker’s loud and bright clients, generously fund their account and immediately receiving the title of VIP guests with an unlimited range of services. This is where the lack of account types comes into play with few in between options.

We should note that Anyoption is one of the most democratic platforms from the number of those which we have worked on during our review testing. Class prejudice does not exist here. Full equality is provided by one type of account. You simply go through the registration process and start trading on a par with all other users.

Maximum payouts

We all know that the volume of payments when winning, and refunds in the case of transaction losses are the subject of attention for most of the traders. We also paid special attention to this cornerstone of competitive advantages for Anyoption, and this is what we found:
Terms of payouts using the AnyOption platform are fairly standard. Payments reach 71% of each transaction with the average payout percentage ranging from 65% -70%. There is one exception however, the “Option 1-100”, where you can earn up to 100% from the transaction.
Return in cases of failure are 15%. However, you yourself can adjust the rate of return in the range of 5-25% respectively, changing the profitability of the transaction.

We would like to highlight the fact that some brokers offer higher payouts than Anyoption but on the other hand they do not have such a high level of reliability and reputation which is worth its weight in gold as they say. In any case, it is all about your willingness to assess and take risks or go for the more traditional and cautious method of trading.


The approach of Anyoption is the formation of a range of assets that allows you to trade virtually non-stop. At any time, in different trading groups there is an opportunity to observe the rather attractive market conditions in which it is highly likely you will find a potentially lucrative deal.
We found a diversified selection of highly liquid market assets, including currency pairs, securities, commodities such as precious metals and oil and a fairly wide range of indices.

The expiry terms for the options also pleased us, ranging from 5 minutes to 40 days for some instruments. The largest number of proposals from the broker suggested an hour period for the option. If it is important for you to trade on weekends and public holidays, it is possible with Anyoption, though only through a limited number of proposals as most assets transactions shall be taken only on weekdays corresponding with the market trading hours for their primary markets.

Deposit and withdrawals

In order to participate in transactions, each trader must open and/or replenish a trading account. We found that AnyOption set limits on the minimum amount of the initial deposit at $200. The minimum rate limit is $25. In our opinion, such restrictions indicate that AnyOption prefers professional traders, with sufficient experience and a reserve of funds intended for investment in binary options over novice traders who don’t mind taking small calculated risks in their trading.

The implementation of all payment transactions is a serious process and AnyOption treats it with due responsibility. We can say with satisfaction that all transactions take place with the greatest possible protection for all data with an SSL-encryption being used.
You will enjoy the fact that there are no restrictions on the amount of output, however there is a commission, limiting the number of transactions. You will be able to withdraw your money only once a month with no commission. If you need a second transaction, it will cost you up to 30 dollars.

Customer service

Over the years, the customer support of Anyoption has received many awards and titles, which certainly confirms the fact that it is one of the best services on the market. To personally see this, we employed the return call service as our test bed. The answer we received from the expert was quite voluminous and very helpful. The live chat function also works well and there are no complaints from our part. If your question is not classified as urgent, you can also send it via e-mail through which response time were also good.


Our findings are unlikely to be a surprise. Indeed there are objective reasons why Anyoption is one of the market leaders. This broker is always striving for innovations and it is focused on its customers and their preferences. The minimum requirements for deposits and a wide range of options for money transfers are a wonderful invitation to the binary options trade. Excellent mobile applications for the iPhone and Android phones are also an important feature in this modern environment.