Pompliano Says Bitcoin Becoming Global Reserve Currency Before Our Eyes As BBVA Blocks Thousands of Bank Accounts

BBVA, Spain’s second largest bank, sparked protests in Madrid following the bank’s decision to block thousands of accounts belonging to Chinese nationals. The protestors claim the bank blocked their accounts based on money laundering regulations. According to a report by Reuters, Yunajie Chen, an accountant who has been a BBVA client for over six years says, … [Read more…]

Crypto Milestone: Argentina Accepts Bitcoin Payment for Goods Sold to Paraguay

In a first-ever transaction, Argentina and Paraguay used Bitcoin to settle a payment for an export deal between the countries, according to a new report. The two South American countries used the world’s largest cryptocurrency to complete Paraguay’s purchase of pesticides and fumigation products from Argentina. Paraguay paid roughly $7,100 in Bitcoin to settle the transaction. … [Read more…]

Wyoming Passes Landmark Bills to Boost Crypto and Legitimize Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS and Altcoins

The Wyoming legislature has passed two groundbreaking blockchain bills that will now head to Governor Mark Gordon for signature. The special-purpose depository institution (SPDI) bill (HB074) and the corporate stock token bill (HB0185) are crypto-friendly bills that establish a clear regulatory framework for blockchain entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency investors. The SPDI bill solves a critical problem … [Read more…]

Weekly Game Plan 18 Feb 19

Firstly, remember that Monday is a holiday in North America. Over the weejend, Trump received an update on trade talks with China which were “very productive.” Talks will continue in the coming week in Washington. Also, UK PM May is to hold Brexit talks with EC President Juncker this week. Themes for the Week Ahead: … [Read more…]

One Way to Manage Range Trades

In previous trade management articles we have discussed primarily systematic trade management vehicles, applied to daily charts. We also saw one example of short-term trade management from one of our own traders, Sachin Vaze. Today we’re going down the discretionary route again, with another of our traders: Sam Elhelou. What follows are Sam’s best practices … [Read more…]

RChain Cooperative May Need to Liquidate RHOC Holdings to Remain Solvent

An analysis of RChain Cooperative’s October balance sheet suggests the organization is insolvent with its liabilities greatly exceeding its liquid assets. To meet its liabilities, the organization may need to liquidate a large portion of its RHOC holdings or find another way to renegotiate or refinance its obligations, giving credence to allegations that the organization … [Read more…]

How do UX designers ensure their product is a high flier?

In rocket science, NASA coined the phrase: “Fly as you test, test as you fly.” In the military, Helmuth von Moltke, the 19th-century head of the Prussian army, opined: “No battle plan ever survives first contact with the enemy.” In design, the same truth applies: “No untested design survives first contact with a user.” As we … [Read more…]

Africa in the news: AU summit, Eskom power cuts, and telecom industry consolidation in Kenya

By Dhruv Gandhi African Union leadership transition and AfCTA update Earlier this week, the African Union held its 32nd Annual Summit in Addis Ababa, which saw Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi take over the AU chairmanship from Rwandan President Paul Kagame. Looking ahead, South Africa was elected to hold the rotating AU chairmanship in 2020. Addressing … [Read more…]