Would you like the chance to float like an astronaut?

Inspire Space is a space education and outreach organisation that provides opportunities for people to participate in space-related activities in Ireland. This involves funding Irish students in their pursuit of space careers as well as running public outreach events throughout the year. One such event is this year’s Zero Gravity Raffle, which offers one lucky … [Read more…]

Supermicro says external auditors found no evidence of ‘spy chips’

In a letter addressed to customers published today (11 December), Supermicro said that an outside investigations company could not find any evidence of any malicious software in its current or older-model motherboards. Supermicro continues to fight allegations The investigation itself stems from an explosive report published by Bloomberg Businessweek in October. The report alleged that … [Read more…]

New WatchGuard report shows Mac malware is on the increase

People involved in cybercrime are constantly trying to create new avenues and discover new attack vectors. While some stick to tried-and-true methods, others are more experimental in approach. A prime example is the appearance of Mac-based malware on the list of the 10 most common malware types in WatchGuard’s Q3 2018 Internet Security report. The … [Read more…]

Increased e-cigarette regulation increases barriers to health

This post was co-authored with Chelsea Boyd The Food and Drug Administration has spoken, and its words have, once again, ruffled many feathers. Coinciding with the deadline for companies to lay out their plans to prevent youth access to e-cigarettes, the agency has announced new regulatory strategies that are sure to not only make it … [Read more…]

Building beyond borders

By Harun Onder About half a decade ago, I visited Lahore, Pakistan to assess the fiscal sustainability of the State of Punjab. During my visit, I witnessed a rather curious phenomenon: electricity went off for exactly three seconds every half hour, every day, every week. This mysterious rhythm, which at first did not seem to … [Read more…]

Getting America out of Middle East purgatory

By Mara Karlin, Tamara Cofman Wittes Painful though it may be, the United States needs to begin the work of pulling back from its overwhelming involvements in the Middle East. This is the conclusion we draw in our new Foreign Affairs article, “America’s Middle East Purgatory: The Case for Doing Less.” At a time when … [Read more…]