Forex Bank Trading Strategy Revealed

Forex Bank Trading Strategy Explained (Updated 2018) Who is Smart Money? What is the Forex Bank Trading Strategy? Why is Tracking ‘Smart Money’ Critical to Successful Trading Step 1: Accumulation Step 2: Manipulation Step 3: Distribution/Market Trend Who is ‘Smart Money?’ Throughout this article, you will read the term ‘smart money.’ I use this term … [Read more…]

Fidelity Locks in Galaxy Digital as its First Crypto Client, “Robust Pipeline” of Customers to Come

Just days after blowing the lid off their new institutionally oriented cryptocurrency outfit, and Fidelity Investments has already bagged one of blockchain’s household names as its first client. And this client is Galaxy Digital — the multi-service, digital asset merchant bank headed up by billionaire Bitcoin bull Mike Novogratz — who will become the first … [Read more…]

NYU Students Complaining About Nouriel’s Attack on Crypto Says Alum

Economist Nouriel Roubini made headlines throughout the past two weeks for his condemnation of the cryptomarket and mischaracterization of high profile developers, entrepreneurs, and builders in the space. His overly aggressive attacks, which many considered to be out of character including Bollinger Bands creator John Bollinger, were bizarrely based on false information that was relatively … [Read more…]

Ripple Labs Expanding Via Partnerships with Gates Foundation, Omni, and Nexo

Deputy Director and Principal Technologist of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Miller Abel, tweeted on Monday that his organization would be partnering with Ripple Labs and Coil to explore ways to help get payment systems to the poor. He stated, “We are partnering w/ @ripple and @coil to implement the #Interledger Protocol & explore ways … [Read more…]

Off-Grid Crypto Transactions Get Closer to Reality

A New Zealand developer sent two signed Bitcoin transactions to his girlfriend’s crypto wallet on Monday using only radio signals and a cheap smartphone while offline and not connected to a cell network. The farthest transaction was sent from 12.6 kilometers (7.8 miles) away. Over the weekend I sent a bitcoin transaction to a relay … [Read more…]

PAX, GUSD, USDC Gain Widespread Relevance as Demand for Regulated Stablecoins Increase

The stablecoin trio of Paxos Standard, Gemini Dollar, and USD//Coin have surged ahead in trading volume and adoption shortly after launch, indicating that investors and businesses alike look for reputed options to store the digital equivalent of their fiat balances. Circle Stablecoin Crosses $50 Million Market Cap The adoption of regulated, credible stablecoins in the … [Read more…]

Cobo Wallet raises US$13 million to launch global app and create hardware wallet

What is Cobo? Cobo is a self-proclaimed leading developer of consumer products for the blockchain industry. They released their first product in 2018, the Cobo Wallet, as the first-ever POS cryptocurrency wallet, that manages the mining process for users. That ensures that they are constantly earning mining rewards while having their tokens and crypto accessible. … [Read more…]

The Power of HODL

The first time you see “HODL” when someone is discussing cryptocurrencies, the word causes you to stop reading. You think: “Is it a misspelling?” Well, yes it is – at least it was mistyped originally. Now, rather amusingly, HODL has spawned a life of its own. It has evolved to represent a long-term trading strategy … [Read more…]

How to find a mentor for your career

Everyone with ambition needs a good career mentor. It’s as simple as that. Your career mentor is that confidential adviser who can objectively help you to overcome your professional hurdles in order to meet your goals. And yet you still don’t have one. Why not? Perhaps it’s because career mentoring is prone to the following … [Read more…]