Binary Options trading contests

Binary Options trading contests

Binary Options trading contests

It’s no secret that stock markets traders are competitive. There are countless movies and books that all tell the same story and in truth it is 100% accurate. We love that cut and thrust lifestyle where everyday comes new exciting challenges in the bid to be on top of the pile. But before you go thinking that there is some kind of “us and them” thing going on here let me tell you that there really isn’t. Life is no different. We all want to feel like we are the best at something or at least better than our peers. It is not exactly a superiority complex but we like other people to know we are better at something than they are. It is just the nature of people. Nobody looks at an Olympic gold medalist and instantly thinks they are smug and superior just because they won and in truth we would all like to be in their shoes. Competition is inherent to people whether they are doing the weekly crossword or are caught up in a heated game of some sort.

Binary options trading contests are nothing short of a little fun to let people flex their trading skills a little against others and win some cool prizes while they are at it. Oddly enough it is not the sums of money that attract me and my trading friends but actually the prestige of being the best trader around, but then again we are very old school about it all.

If you are looking to take part in one of these competitions then you are going to feel spoiled for choice. Many of the big trading platforms out there offer daily, weekly and monthly choices to pick from.

Here are just some of the competition types you can pick from:

King of the hill – Simply generate the most amount over a given period of time. This type often comes over several rounds where traders who fail to meet the requirements are removed until there is a single winner. This open form of trading competition is by far the most popular.

Single stock trading king – Be the best trader of a given time investing in a single stock type. This competition is often aimed at the trading professionals who know how to read the markets well and have quick trigger fingers on the options. This open comes in the form of 60 second options.

Daily, 60 second, weekly and monthly – These are single king of the hill style competitions that have truncated timetables and no round system. Simply be the best trader in the time period to win.

So if you are looking to find out who is the best trader on your platform then maybe it is time you signed up to a competition and get your name out there.

A word of warning before you go headlong into it every competition you see; always check the terms and conditions of the competition before you enter as some of them may require real world money deposits. This is not designed to trap people and take their money, but rather the risk factor that many traders are looking for to make it real for them. So keep your eye out if it is not for you. Other than that all I can say is goold lick and happy binary options trading.

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