Greetings to you, fans of the binary market and fellow traders! I started using the Binomo options broker’s platform a month ago. I’ve thoroughly tested out everything, applied it in practice, got trading results, and based on this I want to present you with an overview of the main tools, services, and broker conditions. I hope that my personal experience of working with this company will be useful to you, and will allow you to make the right choice of an effective, reliable, and professional trading partner.

First, a little bit about the broker – the Binomo company has been working on the options market since 2014, and today it is the leader in the main professional ratings. It was this fact that interested me as a professional trader and led me to this terminal. This broker stands out from its competitors for a number of reasons: the minimum conditions required for access to the market (the minimum account is 10 USD, the cost of contracts starts at 1 USD), their client-oriented work policy, and complete security of investor investment capital. The last point is covered by the FMRRC regulator of the financial market.

All that aside, let’s go straight to the practical parameters of the company’s terminal. Here it should be immediately noted that the company’s platform is the most effective and professional trading tool. With its service set of trading and technical tools it is possible to achieve the most stable and highest possible trading outcome, which is indicated by my modest result – a 400% increase in my account in one month.

The main advantages of the Binomo platform

When I was just getting acquainted with the company’s trading services I was amazed by the variety of forecasting trading tools and the functionality of the technical settings of the operating chart. When considering the terminal’s advantages over its closest competitors, I will note the following services that offer the most for trading:

• The broad functionality of the technical settings of the trading chart.
There are 4 different quote display modes to use in trading, which allows you to use non-standard methods of assessing the market. The trading quote chart can be adjusted in scale and according to the build time (timeframes are available in the range of 5 seconds to 5 minutes). In addition, you can study the history of the market and configure the lighting for the chart.

• The next advantage of this platform is the large selection of financial assets and the profitability of contracts on them.

The broker offers more than 80 instruments of the financial market – stocks, commodities, currencies, and goods. Such a set of trading instruments allows you to form investment packets which will have maximum liquidity and diversified risks, and you will be able to use the method of trading called trading on asset correlation. And, of course, the yield of the options – the broker establishes the level of payouts on options in the range of 65 to 87%.

In my opinion, these operating parameters and terminal tools are quite enough to work most professionally on the options market. In addition to these advantages, the broker also offers a fairly wide range of various auxiliary services – a collection of strategies, a training system for beginners, and, of course, a demo account which is an effective simulator and a strategy testing service.

To conclude, the Binomo platform offered me all the necessary tools and services to get the most stable results on the binary market. Its adaptability and client-oriented approach allow you to trade binary options in secure, convenient, and technically ideal conditions.

In this way, the broker not only creates a set of technical conditions that are convenient for hours of work on the market, but also provides an opportunity to create effective trading chart settings.

• The large and diverse set of technical analysis tools.

It is my personal belief, and I have confirmed this in practice, that the main advantage of this platform is the means of analysis. The terminal offers forecasting indicators and the most effective and popular tools are included in the set. This service set of forecasting tools allows you to use a very wide range of trading strategies in binary trading, and the functional settings of the indicators give traders the potential to create new trading systems.

Besides the analysis indicators, there are also chart market assessment tools available. In addition to the basic lines, channels, and various arrows and horizons, there are semi-automatic tools as well: Fibonacci levels in four types, Fork – a tool for constructing regression channels, and Hartley – a service for forming patterns of the same name.

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I started trading and took the bonus at Banc de binary. It was my mistake. They do not let me take my money. Who can advise me what to do. Avoid this Broker

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