Bosscapital Review

This Bosscapital Review is dedicated to one of the new brokers in the market, which nevertheless took a leading position pretty quickly and now competes with the old-timers of business. Bosscapital was founded by a group of experienced market professionals in 2014 and ever since it has grown in functionality and usability. We could call it a mission broker in fact because it seems to be on one. It offers its services to a wide range of people, helping them to get a rich trading experience, provide them with stable and reliable software. It also has a long list of assets and different trade regimes that make it incredible competitive. They are one of the few brokers who do not skimp on the recommendations that allow its customers to quickly achieve good results and provides them with close support with any questions or informational gaps they might have. We think you can easily fall in love with the work of this young and promising platform.

Account types

The presence of accounts on the trading platform, in our opinion, it is a very good thing. Everyone can assess their financial capabilities, as well as reflect on what bonuses it is most important to obtain and then choose the optimal variant that best reflects their needs and capabilities. Bosscapital allows you to make this choice through five different programs.

The most significant of these is of course the VIP account. It carries 15 risk-free deals, the same number of trading strategies, 89% profit margin from all profitable trades, as well as other hidden bonuses, which you should ask the company’s employees about. This account as an “option is not for everyone”, its “price” is $100,000 in the form of an initial payment and may be considered by most standard traders as just a little out of reach.
The medium variant and perhaps the best choice for professional traders, as far as we are concerned, is the Gold account. The contribution requirement for it is set at $5000, with an additional 50% of this amount being added to your account as a bonus. You will be able to work with a personal manager, receive three lessons about trading strategies, enjoy three risk-free transactions, and the use of professional analytical materials.

For beginners who want to just “try” trading on this platform, we recommend a standard account with as little as a $200 payment. It comes with a lower bonus and fewer features but is a great introduction price for new budding traders.

Maximum payouts

In order to get a good position in the market, Bosscapital began its work by providing high payouts in a short time. While being something of a risky strategy for a new broker it has served them well and is something they continue to offer. In the case of a winning trade its customers receive up to 85% of the profits. Of course such a proposal has not gone unnoticed among professional traders.

Bosscapital created a name and a reputation through its simplicity and accessibility, good payouts percentages, and numerous bonuses on initial deposits at a rate from 20% all the way up to 100%. From time to time the company’s customers receive periodic special bonuses in the form of deposits or other risk-free transactions just to sweeten things a little.


This broker offers for trading more than 150 assets from most countries around the world. These include underlying assets, such as commodities, currencies and certain stocks. In general, this list is enough to make a good choice, diversify trading and increase profits.

Customers can trade in 7 different currencies, such as GBP, EUR, USD (American, Australian, Canadian), the Japanese yen and Russian rubles.
While they may not have the most extensive list in the market they certainly knew how to choose the most interesting.

Deposit and withdrawals

There are many ways to fund your account on Bosscapital. They are easy to use and secure. The difference between them is only in the diversification fees for transfers, the speed of the transaction and also in the available sum. For example, if you want to top up your account via bank transfer, the minimum amount will be 500 dollars. Credit and debit cards and e-wallets usually have smaller commitments and work fairly quickly.

Removal from the account is available, ranging from the amount of $30. You can withdraw all your money available on your account at any time by ordering the withdrawal of funds. The terms of this process are largely dependent on your account type. The Standard account has one free withdrawal with a turnaround time of 5-7 days. Other accounts offer more rapid or almost instant withdrawal.

Customer service

Successful trades and traders are the goal of any good broker. That is why Bosscapital devoted a lot of time and efforts to creating an effective customer service. Support is provided in 10 languages and includes English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Arabic.

The working hours for Bosscapital customer service are around the clock. You can get help even on weekends by calling one of the offices, by sending an email or by writing in the live chat. Experts with whom you communicate are likely to be friendly, responsive and obviously competent in matters of trade. You can also ask them for advice on what kind of training materials, available on the site, will be most useful for you to study.


The position that Bosscapital now holds in the market of binary options is certainly well deserved. This is a strong broker with a wide range of services and optimum tools for successful trading. Beginners and professional traders are happy to work and earn on this site. Creating an account is free and takes only a few minutes. The platform is accessible at any time, providing you have Internet access. The wide choice of educational materials, bonuses and promotions provide a great start to every trader both new and experienced.