‘Climate change impact is doubled if you are a woman and you are indigenous’

Lake Chad is disappearing before our very eyes. “From 1960, it was 25,000km square. In 2001, it’s shedding to 2,000 to 2,500,” explained Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, referring to data from NASA’s observations of the region. “In 40 years, the water evaporated 90pc.” With populations growing in the surrounding countries of Chad, Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria and … [Read more…]

Do some organisations have unofficial LGBTQ quotas?

While students from across Ireland were leaving the public and judges amazed by their scientific prowess at BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition (BYSTE) 2019, three diversity champions were telling their story at the Inspirefest BTYSTE Leaders’ Lunch. The panel discussion focused on winning strategies for building an inclusive and equitable workplace, featuring those often … [Read more…]

Weekend Takeaway: Green goals and a blood moon

Why is the Government so late when it comes to taking climate action? Image: © icedmocha/Stock.adobe.com The Irish Government is doubling down on its message that taking climate action is necessary, all while hundreds of millions in EU fines await, writes Colm Gorey. Confirmed: 1,500 new jobs and a Salesforce Tower for Dublin Aerial rendering … [Read more…]

Wyoming Paves the Way in Blockchain Legislation–Issues New Bill for Tokenizing Stocks

Wyoming continues to spearhead blockchain adoption with House Bill 0185. The bill, scheduled for July 1st if passed, permits corporations to issue blockchain-based stock certificate tokens. This bill is just one in a string of new legislation, cementing Wyoming’s position as the pro-crypto state. Tokenization is the process of representing ownership of real-world assets digitally … [Read more…]

Venezuela Could Set New Precedent for Bitcoin as a Medium of Exchange

Hyperinflation in Venezuela is estimated to have reached a boggling 1.3 million percent in 2018. To reconcile runaway prices, the wealthy and the technologically savvy have turned to the stock market and cryptocurrency. Venezuela’s Deteriorating Economy Turns People to Cryptocurrencies Fueled by rich oil reserves, the country was once one of the fastest growing in … [Read more…]

ICO Firms Paid Themselves $24 Billion Absent of Accountability or Much Effort

A BitMex report highlights the egregiousness of the ICO craze of 2017. Cryptocurrency companies were able to raise millions absent of accountability and with little work, and at the expense of likely unsophisticated buyers. The scathing report, released on Jan. 16th by BitMEX, on the ICO market in 2017-18 concluded token startups raised over $24 billion during … [Read more…]

SEC targets Decentralized Exchanges and ICO Projects

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continues its drive to “clean up” the cryptocurrency sector and has entered into settlements with EtherDelta founder Zachary Coburn as well as the former ICO projects Airtoken and Paragon. The subsequent rulings have cast doubt on the legitimacy of similar ICO projects and on the future of decentralized … [Read more…]

Vodafone and IBM strike $550m European deep-tech alliance

Tech giant IBM is joining forces with global mobile player Vodafone to build a new joint venture to capitalise on opportunities in deep tech. The venture will be designed around innovations in edge computing and underpinned by cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and, crucially, 5G. ‘IBM and Vodafone will use the power of the hybrid cloud … [Read more…]