Algo Trading News Headlines 8/17/2018

Startup Raises $23 Million To Make Crypto Trades Faster And Stealthier ( Silicon Valley-based cryptocurrency trading platform Sfox has raised $23 million in new investment, led by venture firms Tribe Capital and Social Capital. The 20-person startup aims to help investors make large trades by routing their orders to multiple places, enabling faster execution and … [Read more…]

Algo Trading News Headlines 8/15/2018

Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Strengthen Algo Trading Units With New Hires ( Algo trading has been an important component for many banks in recent months, with the latest hires possibly portending a drying up of supply to meet a growing demand. In any scenario, banks have been quickly scooping up top-tier talent in the algo trading … [Read more…]

Comparing 3 Different Types of Neural Network Architectures in Finance – Intro into Machine Learning for Finance (Part 3)

When working on a machine learning task, the network architecture and the training method are the two key factors to turning a set of data-points into a functional model. But where should different training methods be applied? How do they work? And which is “best”? In this post, we list up three types of training … [Read more…]

Algo Trading News Headlines 8/10/2018

Is making money from forex an easy or a difficult thing? ( Automated trading helps to put a trading plan into action without any participation, with the help of technologies. Automated trading minimizes the influence of your emotions. The advantage of this is that a trader doesn’t need to go deep into strategies and platform … [Read more…]

Forecasting Market Movements Using Tensorflow – Intro into Machine Learning for Finance (Part 2)

Multi-Layer Perceptron for Classification Is it possible to create a neural network for predicting daily market movements from a set of standard trading indicators? In this post we’ll be looking at a simple model using Tensorflow to create a framework for testing and development, along with some preliminary results and suggested improvements. Photo by jesse … [Read more…]

Algo Trading News Headlines 8/3/2018

Udacity unveils AI for Trading ‘nanodegree’ programme ( Udacity and WorldQuant partner to launch the Artificial Intelligence for Trading Nanodegree program. As detailed in The Wall Street Journal, “investors now have at their fingertips an expanding ocean of data about the global economy and financial data, such as changes in earnings estimates and accounts receivable.” … [Read more…]

Algo Trading News Headlines 8/2/2018

Fondex simplifying copy and algorithmic trading for its growing customer base ( Traders can create algorithms with varying degrees of complexity. They can automate only a part of their trading strategy so as to avoid monitoring a chart, or they can create complex algorithms that read multiple markets and time frames, use multiple indicators, and … [Read more…]

Algo Trading News Headlines 8/1/2018

Algos Help Traders Defy Commodities Fundamentals, But Returns Sag ( Growing almost without pause since the US authorized electronic exchanges in 1998, the trend-following High Frequency Trading (HFT) models account for up to 40% of global equity market volumes, though they command only about 10–15% on the average of forex and commodities activity. Photo by … [Read more…]

Easily Build a Stock Trading Bot Using Broker API

Visual Strategy Development Visual strategy creation is an important part of quick and efficient development, as it allows you to easily debug and adjust ideas by looking at how signals develop and change with shifts in the market. I find Python to be a good language for this type of data-science, as the syntax is … [Read more…]

Algo Trading News Headlines 7/27/2018

INSIDE SCOOP One Market-Beating Quant Firm Was Buying Facebook Last Quarter ( By their nature, quant firms — known for their rapid trading — may hold a stock only for as long as it takes to eat a candy bar. Yet a look at how Acadian’s positions have changed over the course of a quarter offers insights into the … [Read more…]