Python Library To Run Quantopian Algorithm In Live

Quantopian — The Online Algo Trading Platform Quantopian is one of the most popular online algo trading platforms and communities today. It provides the great backtesting environment where you can experiment with your idea, build algorithms and even participate in the contest, as well as share the idea and discuss it with smart people there. Photo by Rodion … [Read more…]

When Advisors Get Personal: Helping Clients Through Tough Times

Financial planners spend much of their day advising clients on money matters. But sometimes, the advice gets personal. X Depending on your client relationships, you may feel the urge to dish out advice on topics ranging from dating to vacationing to raising children. Clients usually welcome such input, especially if you’ve earned their trust and … [Read more…]

How Frugal Advisors Contain Their Spending On The Latest Software

Advisors often rave about all the technology tools they use to run their businesses more efficiently. But the cost of software can add up. Managing your investments via technology requires diligent research and an attention to detail. That’s especially true when purchasing subscription-based software services. Some of these services come with automatic renewals each year. … [Read more…]

Niche Marketing Helps Advisors Target Clients’ Lifestyle, Hobbies

David Rae is harnessing the power of niche marketing to grow the financial advisory firm he launched last summer. X Already, the Los Angeles-based advisor’s clients number some 100 households. Although many had followed him from his previous advisory job, his media blitz, including appearances on “The Today Show” and “Nightline” also caught prospects’ eyes. … [Read more…]

Master Your Messaging By Crafting A Brand To Win Over Your Market

Eager to develop their technical skills, advisors may overlook the marketing side of the business. But once they launch their practice, branding takes center stage. X Successful planners build a brand based on a consistent, captivating message. They ensure that every aspect of their operation reinforces their value proposition — the key deliverables that appeal … [Read more…]

100 U.S. Cities With The Highest Rents

Cities and big metro communities on the West and East coasts boast — or lament, depending on whether your sympathies lie with tenants or landlords — the highest monthly rents in the U.S., according to a new list as of the end of August. X As the average monthly rent in the U.S. reached an … [Read more…]

Retirement Savings: 4 Steps To Pump Up Your Nest Egg

Here’s something you already know: Some people save a lot more for retirement than others. But here’s something you may be very eager to learn if you’re among the retirement savings laggards: there are concrete steps you can take to catch up. And those are practical and easy steps for the typical person. X “The … [Read more…]