Breaking the Ice in Crypto: Are We Ready for Insurance?

Over the years, we have witnessed many hacks, violations, frauds, and lots of money disappearing virtually overnight. Transparency still remains one of the greatest challenges in  crypto businesses. Criminal activities, like exchange hacks or ICO scams, as we have seen in the past, have greater implications for the prices of cryptocurrencies and the general crypto … [Read more…]

Entertainment Titan Sony to Use Blockchain Tech to Track Content

Entertainment giant Sony has just announced the development of a blockchain-based system to handle digital rights management (DRM) of its digital content. The system builds upon a previous platform that handles authenticating, sharing and rights management for Sony Global Education. The new system will also incorporate functionality for processing rights-related information. It opens the way … [Read more…]

The Populist Trend

What do Trump, Salvini, Orban (to name a few) have in common? They are “populists”. Populism has become a more common word in the past couple of years and in this blog post we will try to understand what the word actually means and what lessons from the past can be influential in order to … [Read more…]

Liquidity Effects of Post-Crisis Regulatory Reform

Nina Boyarchenko and Or Shachar The post-crisis regulatory reform efforts to improve capital and liquidity positions of regulated institutions provide incentives for banks to change not only the structure of their own balance sheets but also how they interact with their customers and other market participants more generally. A 2015 PwC study on global financial … [Read more…]

The middle class needs a tax cut: Trump didn’t give it to them

By Isabel V. Sawhill, Christopher Pulliam At a recent rally in Montana, President Trump claimed that “Republicans passed the biggest tax cuts in American history, the biggest in American history. Everybody in this room is better for them. Everybody is better for them.” Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Everybody is not better off from the recent … [Read more…]

Welcome to the jungle

By Robert Kagan Sometimes a particular event, the fate of a particular individual, becomes a symbol of a global, historical trend. The reported murder of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a Post contributor, in a consulate in Istanbul is one of those moments. It symbolizes the departure of the United States as a restraining force against evil … [Read more…]

World Food Day 2018: The elusive quest to end hunger

By Homi Kharas, Lorenz Noe October 16 is World Food Day 2018. It celebrates the founding of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization 73 years ago. This U.N.-sponsored “day” is an opportunity to reflect on the fact that millions still suffer from food insecurity. People and governments everywhere believe that in a world of … [Read more…]

What’s happening with the ethics complaints against Brett Kavanaugh?

By Russell Wheeler Reports about judicial misconduct complaints against now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh highlight once more the endemic confusion about the administration of the federal court system. The bottom line is that the complaints won’t proceed because Supreme Court justices are not subject to the federal court’s disciplinary mechanism. Here’s an explanation: A 1980 law, the … [Read more…]

IOTA to Power Biometric Network to Verify Your Identity With the Palm of Your Hand

The IOTA Foundation has just announced plans to power a biometric authentication system which uses a person’s palm vein pattern to verify their identity. Labeled the IAMPASS Proof of Concept, the system would utilize IOTA’s Tangle, an open source, digital ledger technology. IAMPASS technology scans the vein structure of a person’s hand to create a … [Read more…]