Pantera CIO: New Cryptocurrency Could Outperform Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum

The co-chief investment officer at blockchain investment fund Pantera Capital is outlining the tech behind a new cryptocurrency designed to outperform Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum. In a newly released interview with Bloomberg, Joey Krug says Unit-e, which is being created by a group of researchers from seven top US universities including MIT and Stanford, aims … [Read more…]

Video: Forex Trading Opportunities for the Week Ahead 21 January 19

Here is the video version of our Forex trading opportunities for the week ahead. Please go here for the written summary: Forex Trading Opportunities for the week ahead About the Author Sam Eder is a currency trader and author of the Definitive Guide to Developing a Winning Forex Trading System and the Advanced Forex Course for Smart Traders (get … [Read more…]

The Indirect Costs of Lehman’s Bankruptcy

Erin Denison, Michael Fleming, and Asani Sarkar Fifth of five posts In our previous post, we assessed losses to customers and clients from foregone opportunities after Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in September 2008. In this post, we examine losses to Lehman and its investors in anticipation of bankruptcy. For example, if bankruptcy is expected, … [Read more…]

Tunisia’s migration to the north

By Larbi Sadiki The spirit of Mohammed Bouazizi is alive in today’s Tunisia. Youth torch tires and protest in commemoration of the street vendor’s death that sparked the country’s revolution—and the Arab Spring—in December 2010. Young people with nothing to lose remain dauntless. Every year, thousands gamble with their lives: Seeking to escape marginalization in … [Read more…]

Blockchain and Crypto Conferences 2019

Here’s a full list of 2019 blockchain and crypto conferences and events around the world. Broken down by months, below you’ll find a list of the 2019 blockchain conferences available as of this article’s publication. We’ve also included events’ websites and ticket price ranges. We’ll be constantly updating the list as there will be many more … [Read more…]