GOptions Review


Here are a few facts about GOptions that you may find interesting. They are the first broker to use the SpotOption platform, which began to offer trading in Forex. This type of transaction is available to customers using the end of the day expiration mode. There is also the possibility of opening Islamic accounts which is a somewhat rare feature.

The broker also offers a mobile app. You can find the full version of it on the appstore or playmarket and download it for free.
If you are not confident in your abilities yet and you are not ready to start trading with real money, take advantage of the books, articles and training videos that are available on the website. GOptions’s academy offers everyone the opportunity to attend webinars on various topics. All course material is freely available. To polish your acquired knowledge, feel free to use the demo account.

Account types

If you decide to become a client of GOptions, you can select one of five different accounts: Micro, Mini, Standard, Gold, VIP Platinum. Initial deposit fees range from $200 to $250 000. Bonuses on first deposits are from 25% to 100%. Any subsequent deposits will bring you from 10% to 100%, depending on the account type you have.

In addition to bonuses, GOptions offers a number of additional services. For example, a Micro account gives you access to daily and weekly market reviews. The Mini and Standard accounts will provide you with daily and weekly market reviews and 4 risk-free transactions worth $25 and $50 respectively. Holding a Gold account brings you consultations with your personal manager, the opportunity to communicate via Skype, weekly training on fundamental and technical analysis, daily market reports, trading signals, insurance covering 10% of your losses during each month, a prepaid service for automated trading and 4 risk-free transactions worth up to $100 each.

VIP Platinum, in addition to the above services, guarantees that you receive a personal credit card from GOptions. The sum of the four risk-free transactions will be increased to $550 for each of them.

Maximum payouts

The profitability of the rates on GOptions varies greatly depending on the type of options and can range from 70 percent or more. In order to make the work of traders more competitive and efficient, the company offers a system of tools. The most notable of them is the Strategy Adviser. It analyzes the movement of an asset and allows one to predict exactly how it will move in the near future.
Using another tool, you can raise the maximum payout on regular options up to 85%, and up to 125% on ladder options.


On the GOptions’s platform you will be able to trade with a large number of different assets which currently total over 150. They include various types of stocks, indices, commodities and currency pairs. The assets available for trading include stocks from: Coca Cola, CITI, Apple, IBM, Tata Motors, Tesco, BP, NISSAN Motors, Microsoft and other. Currency pairs offer a choice among GBP/CHF, USD/TRY, GBP/USD, USD/RUB, USD/ZAR, EUR/JPY etc. A full list of commodities includes coffee, wheat, gold, sugar, oil, silver and platinum. Bombay Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, KL Future, CAC, Kuwait, Dubai, HANG SENG, are only a part of the indexes available for GOptions users. Such variety gives traders the flexibility in making decisions and choosing options.

Deposit and withdrawals

The safety of your deposit is paramount to GOptions. The company offers a range of safe, simple methods of making means in different currencies. Adding means is possible using debit and credit cards, bank transfers and e-accounts. Once the money is put on the account, you need to send your documents to verify your details as the account holder. Documentation includes a copy of your passport with clearly visible data and photo, a copy of the credit card you used, if you use this method for transactions, and a utility bill with your name and address on it. It also may be a bill for the use of mobile phones, electricity or paying taxes.

After the completion of the verification procedures, you can begin to withdraw funds from the account. Withdrawal is carried out very simply. You simply need to choose one of the transfer methods for the money and wait until this amount will is deposited to your account. Depending on the method, it can take from several days to a week due to transaction security and procedures.

Customer service

In the information posted on its website, GOptions assures that you will get a quick answer to any of your questions. One of the ways to contact professionals is live chat. In our opinion, this is a very convenient service that offers a fast solution to your problem. But in the case of GOptions, the live chat window is a bit more obsessive than we would like, and serves as a nuisance, especially if you want to quietly get acquainted with the company’s offerings, check out the article on its website, or explore some of the training materials.

The service phone number and e-mail address [email protected] are also available for customers. The number of available languages for correspondence includes a constant English as well as German, Russian, Arabic and Greek.


The large range of financial methods, tools and assets that GOptions offers, makes it quite comfortable to work on this platform. The simplicity and accessibility of the platform for beginners, the company’s interest in ensuring a stable income for their clients, an effective system of bonuses, support by personal contact and by providing analytics, surveys, consultations and teaching materials, all makes GOptions one of the most attractive modern brokers around.