Grandoption Review


It’s time for us and you to get acquainted with the trading brand Grandoption. It was founded by Rodeler Limited, with its headquarters on the sunny island of Cyprus. This broker applies the latest technology and modern facilities to ensure the safety of both its clients and investments. But exactly what features of this company may seem attractive for its potential clients? We decided on the following selection: a choice of binary options from 30 seconds, which is very fast and requires an accurate execution of trades, the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the platform on the site without prior registration, some of the highest interest payments available and a large number of available payment systems to replenish your accounts with or for withdrawing your hard earned income.

To register, after accessing the site of the broker, all you need to do is to fill in a special details window and press the big red button to open your account, its as simple as that.

Account types

We found that the Grandoption platform refers to the type of brokers that have different types of accounts. In this particular case, there are four types of account being: standard, gold, platinum and diamond. Naturally, the higher your deposit, the better the type of account you receive from the company which comes with more opportunities, bonuses and trading tools available to you.

So what do you get if you open a standard account? Well in short you get access to all the available trade opportunities, access to tutorials and educational materials and round the clock technical support, plus a personal manager who will help you with any issues you may have. If you decide to open a gold account, you will be able to attend individual training sessions with company analysts and enjoy a higher profitability on your transactions.

To increase the profitability of your options by a further 4%, you will need a platinum account. It will also allow you to withdraw money without any restrictions. The most advanced type of account will give you access to special offers from the company and a round the clock personal mentor.

Maximum payouts

Working with the platform gave us the opportunity to assess the profitability of Grandoption. Unfortunately, due to the trades we selected we were unable to get the maximum yield from a single transaction, which amounts to 87% for this broker. Nevertheless, we were very pleased with our results. The minimum investment rate in the platform is a very low $25, which is one of the lowest rates that we have seen. Obviously Grandoption expects to attract competent professional traders as well as those who have enough money to invest, this is highlighted by the quite high maximum rate of $20,000, but there is that glimmer of hope for the little guy with big ambition.


Grandoption assets include a wide range of commodities, indices, stocks and currencies. We were able to invest using the four financial instruments during our review: short-term, one touch, boundary and high / low.

As a client you will be able to trade the world’s indices (Dow Jones, S&P, DAX, and others), to make earnings on the shares prices, make a profitable investment in gold, silver and oil, to use the most lucrative Forex currency pairs.

The trading platform operates online and does not require additional software installation.

Deposit and withdrawals

Quite often we are tempted to have several different accounts with different currencies to take advantage of the different markets and we are pleased to inform you that Grandoption offers such a service. On their site you can open an account in Dollars, Euros, Yen, Pound Sterling, Rouble and Turkish Lira. The minimum deposit that will open all the features offered by this platform in front of you is only $100. To refill your account you will need to choose from a huge variety of payment methods including: bank transfers, credit cards and the Visa payment system, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Diners Club, Skrill, WebMoney, CashU and many others.

These money transfer agents will help you derive the earned income from the account. To do this you will need to provide proof of identity. Withdrawal is carried out quickly, but occasionally may take up to 7 days when extra security measures are required. The first withdrawal is made without commissions but on subsequent requests commissions ranging from 0 to 3%, depending on the type of account and the method of withdrawal, may be applied.

Customer service

We really enjoyed the fact that competent managers and staff are working in customer support. They immediately understood what was going on and they responded precisely to the questions posed to them, without getting distracted with extraneous and unnecessary explanations. If you request a call back, but could not answer it, you will receive a letter via e-mail with the question of when a convenient time to talk to you will be. They don’t just call you and leave you hanging.

If you are a trader on Grandoption, you not only get 24-hour access to multilingual support in real time, you can also consult with a personal manager. The broker focuses particular attention on professional advice and assistance that it offers to its clients. The choice of languages in which you can get advice is also surprisingly good and includes English, Russian, Italian, Turkish and French.


So, what can we say, in summing up. The company does not have any hidden fees that we could discover, which means that trading through Grandoption can be very profitable. Trades are performed quickly, easily and conveniently, giving traders more flexibility and efficiency in their investments. In addition, customers can invest with the help of the mobile trading platform, which enables fast and secure access to the site via smartphones, iPads and tablets. This means that you can earn at any time and in any place where there is Internet access.