Opteck Review

opteck option

The options broker Opteck appeared in 2011 and quickly became a leader in the market. Throughout our review process we tried to understand why this company has attracted so many traders and evaluate its services.

Our familiarity with the site and the Opteck platform allowed us to allocate a few things that can be categorized the main advantages of the broker. First of all, and of most importance it is an easy to learn platform for trading, further advantages include the presence of a demo account, an interesting selection of accounts, the reliability which is provided by many sources including a CySEC license, a wide selection of teaching tools and of course a certain attentiveness to customers.

Account types

We must highlight the fact that in order to become a client of Opteck all one must do is fill in a small registration form, select your account and apply a deposit to the account.

Most beginners choose the basic Green account. It offers a sign-up bonus, which is set at 25% of the amount deposited to the account. The minimum deposit for this account is from between $250 and $499 US dollars.

In addition to the benefits of the Green account the Bronze gives the client the opportunity to consult with an analyst of the company and receive telephone support. We do not recommend you use this tool as the sole method of determining your trades, but it is well worth a listen for market guidance. The deposit here is between $500 and $999 US dollars, of which 35% of this amount becomes a bonus.

The Silver account is available for those customers of Opteck, who deposit into their account between $1,000 and $4,999 US dollars. One of the advantages of the Silver account is the access to a demo-account in the amount of up to $10,000. This is sufficient to have a proper workout in trade after your training is over to help access risk versus reward and new strategies.

Gold, Platinum and Black accounts have larger amount of contributions and more profitable bonus percentages, up to 100%. The value amounts on a demo account is also much more. For example, clients who have a Black account receive 50 thousand dollars on a demo account. However, their initial payment must be from $25,000 upwards.

In general we liked the selection of submitted accounts due to their variability and usability. If you want to learn more about them, visit the official website of the broker and always check their details before signing up.

Maximum payouts

We found that Opteck has a large number of high-quality marketable assets, as well as a wide selection of time intervals. Payments from this broker are also very generous, from 65 to 100 percent. Always read carefully the terms of any account you like to see the differences in returns, margins and offers. For example traders on the Black account receive an additional two percent on payments from the broker.


Our testing of the platform has shown that at the disposal of customers there are over 70 underlying assets. This includes currency pairs, such as volatile and the less popular “exotic” currencies. Commodities are represented by several offerings, including precious metals, oil, coffee and grains (primarily wheat). The number of securities at Opteck is not as great as those of other brokers, but we noticed however some shares from the largest companies in the world. And of course you will be able to trade against the major economic indices.

Deposit and withdrawals

From our work with Optek, we found that the requirements of the broker for deposits shows little different from those of their binary option broker counterparts. In order to activate an account and to be able to conduct trading operations, there is a static minimum deposit of $250.

We have also established that the security service of the company closely monitors all operations for possible fraud and misuse. This is clearly a good approach, because it ensures the safety of any money invested as well as reputations. The broker does warn in advance that it will require a list of documents from any potential client that could identify them as the owner of the deposit. So you need to be ready to present documentation to be checked including your passport, proof of residence and scans of a credit card, if you use this method for cash operations.

Customer service

If you are just taking your first steps in the world of brokerage trading, then you will appreciate the presence of a manager who can advise you on the current situation and set the direction for thought when planning transactions. However, this applies not only to trading beginners, even if you have been a practicing trader for a long time, you may still find advice from one of the leading experts at Opteck very useful. This can be done either through online chat or by phone.

As we have seen, the Customer Service is available 24/7. The communication quality is good and the Callback Service Order also runs well.


So we can conclude that the platform of the broker is quite comfortable, practical and reliable. All the tools needed for profitable trading are visible and easily accessible. The terms of payments are up to 100%, and the well thought-out organization of the technical support team distinguishes this broker among its peers. In conclusion we certainly recommend this company for both novice and experienced traders.