Stockpair No Deposit Bonus

Stockpair No Deposit Bonus

StockPair No Deposit Bonus

Stockpair No Deposit Bonus

Start out with $100, without making an actual real money deposit.

Stockpair’s new traders have a special offer waiting for them when they join the Stockpair broker: a $100 no-deposit bonus deal, which gives them the chance to jump into the trading action risk-free. How can you pick up the bonus money?

  • Create a Stockpair account
  • Contact their support and let them know that you want the deal.
  • Verify your identity when requested. Watch as the $100 hits your account.


One has to bear in mind though that being a no-deposit deal, the $100 bonus comes with strings attached. Traders are not allowed to cash out until they make an actual real-money deposit, so forget about picking up the money and running. The best way to put it to use is to simply view it as a demo account. If one does manage to amass some profits with this money though, he can make a real money deposit later and use the bonus money as added leverage. That’s how I personally used it and it worked out fine.

Register now and gain access to all the goodies below:

Open StockPair No Deposit Bonus Account and Get $100 Bonus

How long will it take you to get your hands on the Stockpair No Deposit Bonus?

Not long at all…all one has to do is to talk to support about the bonus and the money will land in the bonus account within about 5 minutes.

How is this bonus best put to use?

As said above, simply treat this bonus as a demo account. Use it to sharpen your trading skills. Get a trading system from somewhere and put it to the test, or develop your own. The bonus is a valuable learning tool, as it offers a risk-free opportunity to do some actual trading. Bankroll management is a major part of profitable trading, so by all means do exercise that too: don’t invest too much money on any single trade, no matter how great it looks.

Are there any cashout restrictions?

As said above: yes. The bonus is a promotional deal, the goal of which is to get players to trade at the site, not to pad their pockets with free money. Traders can therefore not cash out any of the bonus money. If they do incur profits and want to cash out, they’ll have to make a real money deposit.

Is there anything else to know about the Stockpair No Deposit bonus?

The $100 Stockpair No Deposit Bonus offers a risk-free way for traders to exercise their profession/hobby. Once real money goes into the middle though, traders should be fully aware that while they can amass huge amounts of profits, they also risk losing money. Trading with scared money isn’t fun and it usually isn’t productive either. Don’t lose money you can’t afford to lose.

Grab your Stockpair bonus right now, and create some leverage!

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