Stockpair Review


Feedback from users and our own testing are a great way to gather information regarding a company and its operation and these two approaches also allow us to make an objective opinion about whether or not they are worth investing both time and money into. With regard to Stockpair, over the years of its activity the company has gained a reputation as an honest player and a reliable partner, which is characterized by loyalty to its customers. Particular attention is paid by the broker on transaction security and user data. Modern encryption technologies exclude the possibility of interception and, in addition, the company strictly adheres to the client’s right to confidentiality.

Secondary to security is the fact that this platform is focused on a large number of underlying assets making wide range trade strategies a very real possibility. It also makes it very convenient if you are looking to choose a desired asset from specific trade zones such as Europe, Asia, America or Australia. Thanks to the easy use website the times of trading sessions can be clearly seen making global asset options easy to acquire and trade with.

Stockpair Account types

Stockpair provides a separation of its customer base into select groups, depending on their financial capacity, professional skill and trade preferences. This is reflected in the status of the accounts. Of course, the higher your status is, the more benefits you get as with most options brokers. Of the account types on offer are: Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP-accounts. To obtain a higher status, you will need to comply with the requirements for the minimum deposit amount ($1,000, $5,000, $20,000, or $50,000, respectively).

Included in the account system are a number of preferences the most interesting of which, in our opinion, is access to trade experts and indicators. Access and availability to these resources, of course, increases with investment levels. Furthermore the higher the account level the higher your total amount of investiture will be as well as access to webinars with trade in real time and bidding controls.

Stockpair Maximum payouts

If you are already quite a knowledgeable trader, you can often get a pretty high profit for any successful deals. The percentage offered by Stockpair ranges from 68% to 85% depending on the period of execution, the type of asset, and other factors. During operations with certain types of contracts, profitability can reach 350%. In the event of an investment failure, a return on said investment is provided, which, however, will not exceed 10% of the total value. If you are not confident in your abilities, you should work out any trading strategies using the provided Stockpair demo account but keep in mind that at some point real money must be invested in order to truly test your plans.


One of the main advantages of Stockpair’s platform is its huge range of offered assets. Using this system will be able to work with over 118 assets from global markets. These include 4 commodities (gold, silver, copper and oil), 9 currency pairs, 16 indices and finally as many as 89 stocks at the time of this review. This is a legitimate broker with one of the largest selections of assets of those we have tested and reviewed.
Apart from the usual assets, Stockpair operates with double options. That is, a transaction which involves two underlying assets. For a successful transaction, you need to predict which of these will show the highest profitability.

Stockpair Deposit and withdrawals

Stockpair supports a variety of ways to deposit and withdraw funds, including major credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), bank wire transfers and electronic wallets: CashU, Giropay, Skrill, AstroPay, iDEAL, Sofort and others. The broker regularly updates the list of available operational methods for sending or receiving money.

When you register you will be asked to choose a replenishment currency, this may be the US dollar, the euro or the pound sterling. All trading operations, as well as the withdrawal of funds will continue to be implemented in the selected currency. Bear in mind that changing this currency after the fact can and will be extremely difficult.

The system for placing a deposit is set to automatic mode. Always pay attention and correctly fill in your data, because when broker will apply further checks against them, any mismatch with the real data can be fraught with problems in relation to the withdrawal of earned money. False data may also be investigated by the regulatory body.

Regarding the withdrawal speed, it should be noted that a request for withdrawal will be processed within 2 to 7 days.

Stockpair Customer service

Customer support is an extremely important aspect of any brokerage website. Meaning that, each time working with a new company, we link with specialists of this service to check the speed of their response, the reply volume and the professionalism of the responses, not to mention their courtesy when dealing with clients.

During this service testing period we connected with them via a regular phone. As it turned out the support staff happened to be courteous and competent, which is quite nice. He gave us a detailed response to our questions and showed restraint, waiting if we needed something else. We thanked him and ended the conversation to continue our investigation into the online chat system.

By the way, the number of languages that Stockpair’s employees use is quite impressive. It includes English, Italian, German, French, Arabic, Russian and Greek. Overall, we were satisfied with the work of customer service of Stockpair and can offer no form of complaint.

Stockpair Summary

We have to admit that the Stockpair trading platform is very easy to learn for binary and double options and runs surprisingly quickly and smoothly. It can be seen that the broker has worked hard to provide its customers with the right conditions for fruitful work. For example, the website is available in almost all popular languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Arabic, Greek, Korean, and others). Stockpair attracts traders through their huge and convenient choice of underlying assets, a large number of terms for options and consistently get high praise on prestigious forums.