Study Hard and Pass PEGACSA72V1 Exam


PEGACSA72V1 certification exam is meant for those individuals who want to prove their knowledge as well as skills required in designing and constructing applications which are built on Pega. Individuals who will be able to clear PEGACSA72V1exam successfully will earn CSA certification. CSA certification acts as baseline measurement on individual’s knowledge regarding Pega applications. The certification actually demonstrates your knowledge and technical expertise you have gained to your colleagues, partners as well as customers. Pega CSA certification lays the foundation for other advanced Pega certifications such as CSSA and CLSA.

Exam Description

PEGACSA72V1 certification exam is very tough and thus requires dedication and thorough studying of the study materials relevant to the exam. The exam tests person’s level of knowledge as well as competency regarding critical tasks needed to develop applications of Pega in order to become a successful associate of a team of Pega project.The exam comprises scenario questions, drag-drop items, and multiple select questions. In the scenarios where multiple answers are needed, it is clearly stated the number of answer variants required. The exam questions require practical as well as theoretical approach. The most effective manner to prepare adequately for PEGACSA72V1 exam is through utilizing the training coursesof Pegasystems combined with individual’s professional experience.

Intended Audience

PEGACSA72V1certification exam targets system architects as well as application developers who perform tasks like designing and developing Pega applications.

The exam also targets individuals who have aspirations of becoming certified system architects.

Topics Tested in PEGACSA72V1 Exam

PEGACSA72V1exam tests several topics. The questions of the exam are distributed in those topics in different proportions as illustrated below:

  • Application design (7 percent)
  • Data model (19 percent)
  • UI design (20 percent)
  • Case design (30 percent)
  • Decision design (7 percent)
  • Testing (4 percent)
  • Report design (7 percent)
  • Integration (6 percent)

The percentages represent an estimate of the content tested from each topic. Candidates forPEGACSA72V1exam should master the percentage distribution as it I will enable them to plan an effective learning strategy in order to avoid disappointment when it comes to tackling the actual exam. The information regarding the exam topics can be viewed from Pega Academy website.

Prerequisites for PEGACSA72V1Exam

The candidates forPEGACSA72V1 exam should have familiarized with the contents of system architect essentials (7.2) course which is available on the Pega Academy website. This course provides scholars with all the information tested in PEGACSA72V1 certification exam. It actually prepares the scholars adequately for the exam.

It is recommended for the candidates of this exam to have copies of CSA practice tests (7.2) provided in Pega Academy website.

Candidates forPEGACSA72V1exam should be experienced in the development of software applications.

Candidates should also be familiar with project methodologies like RUP, waterfall, scrum etc.

Training Resources

The candidates of PEGACSA72V1 certification exam can use several training resources relevant to this exam in order to ensure they are equipped with what they are supposed to know regarding the exam so as to sit the test comfortably.The training resources recommended for this exam include training courses, practices exams, and hands-on practices among others. Scholars should note not all training resources cover everything scholars should know regardingPEGACSA72V1 exam. Consequently, scholars are advised to rely mostly on the training resources provided by Pega Academy website as they meet the threshold of knowledge and skills needed by candidates in order to clear PEGACSA72V1 exam successfully. Some of the training resources available for this exam can be accessed from the URLs provided below:


These training resources will provide candidates with profound knowledge as well as skills required for the implementation of Pega solutions.

Why get Pega CSA Certification

After clearing PEGACSA72V1 exam successfully and earning the relevant certification, an individual will have benefited in several ways. Some of the benefits attributed to Pega CSA certification include:

  • The certification raises individual’s level of confidence and proves that his or her skills are current.
  • It separates an individual from his or her peers by keeping him or her valuable as well as marketable.
  • It ensures personal satisfaction and provides a career path which is more valuable.
  • The certification raises individual’s management confidence.
  • Individuals who have earned Pega CSA certification builds strong and dedicated teams which are committed to producing or delivering quality.
  • Pega CSA certified professionals ensure improvement in the implementation of quality and minimization of project errors.
  • Pega CSA certified professionals also increase the level of competency of their teams.
Guidelines for Academic Excellence in PEGACSA72V1 Exam

Nobody would like to be associated with failure in any exam. The guidelines below will help candidates to avoid failure in their PEGACSA72V1 exam:

  • It is recommended for the candidates waiting to take PEGACSA72V1 exam to implement all the practical exercises included in the part of self-study in order to gain real work experience and understand the concepts examined better.
  • Candidates are advised to use the excellent study materials which cover the contents tested in PEGACSA72V1 exam as they will provide them with profound knowledge regarding the exam objectives.
  • Candidates should plan their time well in order to have sufficient time of carrying out their studies.
  • Eat a nice meal rich in protein prior to PEGACSA72V1 exam.
  • Cary out your studies in a cool environment free from destructions.
  • Attempt several practice tests as they will familiarize you with the questions you may encounter in the actual PEGACSA72V1 exam and how to approach them.
  • When it comes to the actual exam, use the minimum time possible to answer a particular question. This will enable you to complete your exam on time.
  • Start exam by answering the simpler questions, then attempt the challenging ones later to avoid tensing and being stuck at one point.
PracticeExams for PEGACSA72V1 Exam

Practice exams enable individuals to test their readiness or preparedness for the certification exam. They help the candidates to identify areas which require thorough study. The practice exam provides the candidates with an overview regarding the actual certification exam experience. The practice exams contain questions which replicate those that are examined in the actual test. Through practice tests, scholars are able to learn how to approach different types of questions. It is recommended for scholars who are in need of updated and most recent practice test to get it from Pega Academy website or to find websites the most updated exam dumps:


However, candidates can also rely on other sources for PEGACSA72V1practice exams but they will be risking being provided with unverified information which may not be helpful as far as preparation ofPEGACSA72V1certification exam is concerned.


Achieving Pega CSA professional certification from Pega Academy shows individual’s commitment towards academic excellence and his or her leadership qualities needed in the industry. Hard work pays! Therefore, candidates of this exam need to study intensively and participate in the implementation of all the practical exercises relevant to PEGACSA72V1exam so as to perform excellently and excel in the optimization of the value of Pega solutions as certified system architects.

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