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Tradephoria Review

Tradephoria is an innovative feature allowing traders to win very high rewards, including stunning Jackpots, at times reaching 5-figure numbers, for a very small entry fee. We have reviewed Tradephoria feature hosted on Freestyle options binary trading platform, and this is what we have discovered.

Freestyle Options is a binary trading platform with a rather striking appearance, recognizable not only by its stylish graphics, but rather by a number of its modern exclusive features, such as 60- and 30-second Test Drive, Open Social trading platform and, of course, Tradephoria, which encompasses “all or nothing” idea attributable to classic binary options, but unlike binary trading, Tradephoria requires more precise decision with regards to the asset value at the moment of expiry (time when the game ends). And yes, the Tradephoria developers are using the word “game”, thus accentuating the fact that odds of winning a Tradephoria Jackpot are not as high, as making a correct prediction of the asset price movement (Call or Put) in classic binary options. But the possibility to win a $50k USD Jackpot by betting only $1 USD makes it very attractive and in a way resembling lottery with one key difference. When playing lottery you may only count on your luck to win a prize, but Tradephoria allows you to utilize your trading experience and market knowledge to make a correct prediction of the asset price at the moment of the game expiry.

In our opinion, the best thing about Tradephoria is a complete elimination of the conflict of interest between traders (or players, if you please) and brokers, as game rewards and jackpots are actually the money put in the pot by players of each table.

Let us have a closer look at the game rules. To start with the system suggests us to choose one of the tables, differentiated by expiry times and underlying assets. Expiry options range from 1-hour games to end of the day games plus Mega 555 table, expiring at 05:55pm every business day. After choosing a table we are prompted to set a winning corridor of the target rate (asset price at the game expiry). Target rate winning corridor allows small deviation from the exact expiry rate, for example, 0.0020 points for the currency pairs.

What makes gaming process very exciting is that Tradephoria system allows players to see all other players who are currently viewing the table or who have made their bets already and even see their winning status. And of course we can see our potential reward for each table. After joining the game we wait for the table expiry and, if the actual asset price falls into the chosen winning corridor, we collect the reward, if not – we lose our investment. If several players make a right prediction, the reward is divided equally between them. If no one wins the game, the reward is transferred towards the next game, thus forming a Jackpot growing with every game until someone wins it. Broker deducts 15% from the reward payable to the winning player.

Tradephoria is very advanced in terms of diversity of playing options, such as different tables and variety of assets, and at the same time it has very simple and straightforward rules, so anyone can test their luck and enjoy the game.

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