Weekend Takeaway: For the women in STEM

Weekend Takeaway: For the women in STEM

We need to talk about the lack of women in STEM

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Ahead of International Women’s Day 2019, Hannah Pisani talks to women STEM executives about the importance of gender equality in these workplaces.

Women in STEM in Ireland, in their own words

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For International Women’s Day, Silicon Republic sought out perspectives from a panel of women in STEM in Ireland.

What’s it like to be a woman in STEM in Ireland today?

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Eight women working in STEM in Ireland today tell us about their diverse experiences.

How does gender balance make STEM better?

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Eight women working in STEM in Ireland today talk about gender balance in their workplaces.

How does it get better for women in STEM?

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Eight women working in STEM in Ireland today share their messages of hope and demands for critical change.

5 women in STEM who inspire us

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The Silicon Republic and Inspirefest teams reflect on the women in STEM who have inspired them.

RTÉ’s Zainab Boladale: ‘There’s an assumption that a TV job is easy’

A close-up head shot of a smiling young woman. She is Zainab Boladale, News2day presenter on RTÉ.

Zainab Boladale. Image: RTÉ

Zainab Boladale spoke to Careers editor Jenny Darmody about working as a TV news presenter, dealing with imposter syndrome and her career advice for future journalists.

Women do an incredible amount of the world’s unpaid work

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Women carry the bulk of the world’s unpaid work despite increased participation in the paid labour market.

Why this woman quit Wall Street to become a social entrepreneur

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Netta Korin. Image: Orbs

In the latest instalment of our Leaders’ Insights series, Netta Korin tells us about her pivot from investment banking to philanthropy.

Campaign for Irish women entrepreneurs falls shy of €100m funding target

arm stretching out to table to stop dominoes hitting each other, signifying a funding campaign that missed its target.

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Reluctance and unconscious bias on part of mostly male investors are holding back Ireland’s women founders.

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